Thursday, August 11, 2011

Not gonna go down like that.

I didn't give up. I actually thought a lot about what a fellow zbrusher said to me:

Complete the model, giving up on a model due to lack of inspiration is a weakness...Man up, finish what you started.

I agree 100% Its not what people here do, and neither will I. So what if the piece isn't going my way, I've been doing this long enough to make something look decent even if I cant find direction. And now I know where I'm going.I'm going to place cloth draped from his shoulder guard down to his waist, and do some vines(leaf) on his legs. And all green, everything in earth tones, with an emphasis on Green.  Perhaps even lose the tail? I finally found the character within the sculpt. Its rough now I know, but Its the idea that I'm happy with, which was something I could even figure out before.  I introduce the Forest Guardian

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