Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where the Hell did I go?!

Jeez so much has been happening lately, I love it haha.

Just a quick update for those wondering where the hell I went

I began to teach more at the Yard School of Art, found inside the Montclair Art Museum Building, Where I over saw a interactive Design class, and will be teaching a 3D modeling class this fall, followed by a basic animation class in the spring, so yay!

Me helping a student during one their summer program sessions, Hey money is money! 

Interestingly enough I've also been working with pixologic on beta development of their latest version of their program.  I'm working with some of the best guys in the biz and its so humbling and exciting to be in that group.

Me making zbrush my bitch 

Now though I cant really say what I'm working on, I can definitely say it will blow your socks off!  We are all in for one hell of a treat I'm tellin ya!

Well thats all for now, Till next time :)

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