Sunday, October 16, 2011

Birthday shenanigans

Hello everyone, sorry I've been somewhat quiet lately, I do apologize...

Okay no I don't haha, for you see on the 14th was my birthday, my 22nd to be exact, and boy do I feel old...

Now being in New York at the time this weekend could mean only one thing:

Thats right!  New York Comic Con, and boy was it hectic.  I'll be posting pictures soon, I didn't take too many, but those I did I think were funny:P  

I went on thursday and friday under the guise of professional, and proceeded to grab as much free crap as I could lay my grubby hands on. 

I must be honest, however, I'm no comic geek.  I've never been into comics, in fact I only get a chance to flip through a graphic novel once in a blue moon.  But I find it so odd to look upon the comic world.  And see how the other subcultures (toys, gaming, anime) all view the printed material present.

So as for the sculpting I've been relaxing but I did adjust some things:

and here I think I've figured out where I want this body to go for the dragon:

Other than that I've been going over what I want my 22nd year to consist of.  I've not been published 4 times, and have had some work under my belt.

I'm hoping to continue to adjust my portfolio and get more work.  And maybe find time to just enjoy more things.  who knows.  well thats all for now,  till next time :)

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