Friday, October 28, 2011

busy busy busy

I've been busy lately, and rather uninspired.  I will hopefully have a new piece up here in next day or two, stay tuned.  for now I can post the images I put on my cghub, which is just a little more polished showing of my WORK IN PROGRESS.



In other news I'll be hopefully teaching 3 classes this winter, one of them on Digital sculpting using sculptris.

I posted a little ways a back, about it winning best new program by 3D World Magazine.  Its basically free zbrush, but with the mush dynamically subdividing as you go. Its free and my school loves that.  I'll also be returning for another game theory class, and one on intro to digital media, for the younger ones (something to get there feet wet.

If all goes well I should be in a pretty good spot for the winter :)

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