Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My mobile workspace and some models

Doing some work on a couple of things.

Cant really show a whole lot, but here are a couple of things, I guess space is the theme, first a bit of crew I think I'm going to do some more, they are quick and fun, using the armor from the previous head. 

And here is my mobile workspace, I'm all over the place like all the time, and so I decided to rely on a powerful mobile workstation for most of my work (I do have a home desktop in case you are wondering)  
I guess most artists want to see how other people work.  And for digital guys its pretty similar environments across the board.  

The only thing I guess I have to explain is that dohicky resting against the monitor.  Thats my color calibrator, it makes sure that the colors on my monitors are not only correct but are the same on both screens.  Basically because my laptop's screen isn't the same quality of my monitor, I get my laptop as close as I can to the real thing.  It also helps with publications, as print jobs tend to not screw up as much.  

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