Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Textures and Cortana

I did a bit of a texture test over my lunch, just to see what I might want to do with this thing.

If any of you were following me on twitter last night, you know that before I went to sleep I decided to start a female from a sphere, well I passed out last night haha, and ended up doing the rest of the model now, I turned it into a Cortana sketch, I have hair sculpted but I'm holding off because I'm not happy with it. But yea a quick little doodle, I decided to take some liberties with here, especially when it came to suit design, because frankly Im grouchy in the evening and who the hell wants to paint lines on a model? So I took the suit design from a few of the titles (I must admit I don't play halo) and the pose was inspired by a piece done by scott fisher (modified heavily though, I dont like using other artists concepts for reference when I don't have to)

About a little less than 2.5 hours from sphere to textured image (mainly because of that damned suit) I might add some stuff and render her out,


I was playing with BPR and the best I got was this, so I'm going to have to keep playing around until I'm satisfied. Perhaps take it into mental ray.


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