Saturday, May 28, 2011


That was a long night before, sheesh. But I'm up now and enjoying my morning coffee.  As I sit here and looking out the window, I can see the state park which borders my backyard.

When I was a kid I used to look back there and see a large boulder.  Its shape seemed almost familiar, too familiar... the boulders shape began to take form, as the computer in my head began checking its silhouette against every item my young mind could comprehend.

The item I ended on astonished me: a head, but not any head, a dragon's head. Once I saw that, I could see eyes and nostrils and a mouth.  Almost so much so, that it was inconceivable to have thought that it was anything else. 

My mind raced: how did it get here? Was it a fossil.  I knew of mammoths in the Arctic preserved almost perfectly, I convinced my young self that this could be one of those situations.  But what was it doing in my backyard? Why did I not see this thing before? I knew dragons to live hundreds of years.  Was this thing still alive?  Do dragon's turn to stone when they die, are mountains and hills really just large piles of dragons giving into their fate? 

I thought about this for weeks.  It consumed.  Until one day I went to venture out into the forest and see what this thing was up close.  But approaching the edge of the park,  the familiar shape that I knew so well, was gone... 

A large boulder vanished into thin air. Maybe I got my answer.  Maybe it was simply time to move on and populate another grove, or forest. Maybe it was simply tired of being there. Or maybe it was just a boulder afterall, one who felt a rolling stone gathers no moss.
Whatever it was, I'm always amazed at the imagination I was possessed.  Growing up is great in so many ways but in the few ways its not, it's devestating.

Oh well, stay creative.

Should be posting things from a Greek festival I will be attending today.

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