Saturday, May 28, 2011

Something different.

I decided to take a break from my tribal guy and do another somewhat odd render of my clown, of which you can find a works in progress page on my website I made the photo look odd and I kind of like the cross processing effect I have somewhat exemplified.  This is in now what done, just something I did to relax from a good run.

As some of you might have seen I added my twitter to this page. Whether or not thats a good idea is beyond me, but I'm attempting a true online presence, and felt it only right.   Follow me if you'd like, I say some silly things every so often, and have 5 WHOLE FOLLOWERS, Woo!  As apposed to half followers, you know the dismembered apathetic hands and body parts.  BAM, took the pun both ways in one sentence, oh yea, I'm bad :P

I'm planning on doing a couple of tutorials later on tomorrow, for those interested.  It will either be on the basics of using GoZ, a program within zbrush that will allow you to seamlessly communicate with photoshop, or maya, or any other program of your choice.  That or how I composite my images in photoshop using a zbrush render. We shall see if I have time to do either at all haha.

The comic idea is rolling around in my head. Something oddly pleasing about it. Might try and pull out one of my comic styles again or try and do a comic rendering of sculptures, such as found in the comic

I might even break out the old vector style I used to do a year back:

Here we see a T-shirt design I was hopping to do.

This of course would depend on the two storyline we might do.  one a gritty war piece set in NYC, the other a slightly lighter toned tale about the bonds between people. 

Sculpting the characters for the project would allow for quick transitions from image to image, but the upfront time in the beginning is a lot, unless I truly plan and plan. If working from a drawing of mine, I can sculpt, model or render fairly quickly.  If left to my own devices I tend to stray the path and fall into the "well now where is this going" pit fall.

Drawing on the other, gives the comic a whole different feel, something tangible I guess, but considering I trying to bring in facebook, twitter, blogger, and GoDaddy into the equation, that might prove tricky.
I do know I want the comic to have sort of the same feel as the viral marketing for the film Cloverfeild.

For those who don't know Cloverfeild had a lot of real world ties and being based in New York the idea of setting up websites for businesses made a lot of sense.  Things referenced in the film, all became real, even the characters had facebooks.  Its all made the film become something more than itself.  The only difference here was that Cloverfeild was based in a Film format.  Each viral campaign revolved around the notion that the main medium was something found elsewhere.

But what if the medium was in itself the viral marketing?  What if we kept it all online, the internet became a playground a window into a universe that I and my friend create. Something that would of course be dramatic and entertaining, but revolving not only around a webcomic, but in all other main web media's as well.  What would it become?  What would it be called?  I know I dream big, haha.

I doubt anyone here has read this far, seriously maybe two have gotten past the initial image and have scrolled down.  Your mother.  See? only two of you are slightly offended or bemused depending on your sensitivity to such things.

Good chat.  Stay creative

Good night.

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