Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video Tutorial Part 2: Battle Dwarf

Well I recorded my progress, now I need to edit it.  like I said before I wont be posting the vids until the entire thing is done.

Now this will be a 5 part vid tutorial. Hopefully all goes well and we shall have something publish worthy (my end goal with this).  We shall see..

Also my comic project idea is coming together.  Its nice to see.  We have a story (we went with the war drama) and I have character sheets for the team as well as a story board I'm working of off.

All this and I have to work on my thesis haha.  Probably later on tonight I'll finish something where that is concerned.

Until then all.  Oh and if you find yourself coming back to this page why not hit the "follow" button, and get your subscribing on.  Its free, and you'll feel 15% cooler the following morning, or so the science says.

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