Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Video Tutorial

I'm officially announcing that I will be doing a 5 part video tutorial on character modeling, without a sketch.  You'll walk with me as I try and discover the "character within the sculpt" as I stated in my 3D Artist blurb :P

Part one is finished and edited, but I wont be posting anything until I am done with all 5 parts.  Should be a fun project.  In the tutorial I can tell you that we'll be going the process of model a medieval dwarf, with all the fixings.  Part one has you modeling the base character, Part 2 is detailing and intro to subtools and the shadow boxing the armor and such.  He wont be fully armored, put what he does wear will be detailed.  We will be aiming for a production ready character sculpt.  And in Part 5 I'll discuss in Maya how to turn the character into something useful.

Until then I leave with you the Ending result of Part 1:  The Base character.

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